Feature: Clara Learns How To Make Strawberry Jam

Nothing says summer quite like the pop of fresh red strawberries. They’re bright and fragrant and often smeared on my toddler’s face when we pick them at our local orchard. They’re begging to be eaten and are the perfect ingredient for a homemade jam. Making it now lets me have that memorable and sweet taste in the dead of winter when freshly-picked strawberries (and summer) are a distant memory. I use a timeless Ball® recipe because it’s easy and only has three ingredients: strawberries, sugar and pectin. You can add a very small amount of a fourth ingredient, butter, to make boiling the fruit a little easier, but it’s not necessary – just a little trick of the trade. So grab your toddler, sunhat and berry box! Set out for the orchard to gather those sweet summer strawberries then head home to prep with your little one and make classic homemade jam. StrawberryJam_nbphotog-2StrawberryJam_nbphotog-4



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