California Feature: Jax Makes Fruit & Coconut Water Popsicles

It’s blazing hot here is Southern California, 100s for most of the week in our lovely town of Riverside. Thankfully we have a pool and the A/C has been running like crazy. But when we’re waterlogged, have cabin fever and need fresh air, we need a way to beat the heat.
And so, we make popsicles!
We’re big coconut water drinkers during the summer (being that it is a great source of potassium) and buy the Kirkland’s brand in bulk from Costco. As a matter of fact, we buy the fruit in bulk too! So we had all the ingredients on hand.

Healthy, fun and refreshing on those hot, HOT days!

Recipe source: TheNerdsWife Fruit & Coconut Water Popsicles

Photography by Milisa Lin Smith
Photography by Milisa Lin Smith


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