Cape Cod Road Trip: The Chatham Candy Manor

I have been visiting the Chatham Candy Manor, in Chatham, Ma, since I was a child, so the ability to bring my son to a place that holds so many fond memories is a thrill.  My toddler has now enjoyed a few homemade chocolate pops and it was this Chatham Candy Manor experience that had him saying for the first time “yummy chocolate”.  This tradition runs throughout my family and probably many others who visit Chatham annually.  One can enjoy an authentic candy making experience when they visit.  During the winter months they have candy cane demonstrations and during the summer you can always catch them making a fresh batch of fudge on the vintage stove in the front of the store.  I’m looking forward to my next visit already.

Do you have a food destination that is filled with childhood memories?  I would love to hear about it.  Share in the comments below or fill out the “Contribute” form.

Chatham Candy Manor Website

Candy manor1_makeandtaste-2
candy manor2_makeandtaste-2
Candy manor3_makeandtaste-2
Copy of candy manor4_makeandtaste

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