California Road Trip: Donuts & the Beach Family Tradition

I’ve been camping with my family since I was about three years old and my husband is a camper too, so camping has always been something we’ve done ever since we’ve gotten together. And that didn’t change when Jax came along. Luckily he loves the outdoors as much as we do! Every first of the month, a group of us (three families) get on the phone and plan our next camping trip for six months out…usually we try to get a campground at, or very near, the beach. Our main reason for this? So we can have donuts on the beach!

At least one of the mornings…let’s be real, it’s most of the mornings…while we’re camping we hit up the local donut shop, grab a selection of donuts and coffee and head to the beach. The kids play, stopping only for a bite of donut and the adults sip coffee, munch donuts and watch the kids make memories. It’s our tradition. It will be our tradition for as long as we’re able to camp. And I hope it will become Jax’s tradition when he’s planning his own camping trips. I think he’s pretty hip to the idea already 😉

Donut shop – Surfin’ Donuts Coffee House – 1822 S. El Camino Real San Clemente, CA 92672 (They have blueberry fritters on Sundays!) – 949-492-1249
Campground – San Mateo Campground – 830 Cristianitos Rd. San Clemente, CA 92672 – reservation made through


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