Connecticut Road Trip: Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue

When my husband and I moved to Connecticut I never thought this state would be the place we would find fantastic barbecue, but we did.  Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue has become the place where we always bring out-of-town guests and/or recommend to others who are in search for a great meal while in the Hartford area.  The funny thing is, they always report back to us that it was the best barbecue they have had, so the legacy lives on.  Barbecue was something I started enjoying once I was an adult living in various cities throughout the east coast.  It was a meal to celebrate with and try something new, like brisket, pulled pork, and corn bread.  We discovered Bear’s shortly after moving to Connecticut while on the hunt for new restaurants to try.  At the time they only had their Windsor, CT location, but when we pulled up and there was a line out the door and we knew we found something good.  A year later, we were so happy when the Hartford location opened, now we could enjoy the barbecue on a regular basis.

Barbecue is a specialty item that I have not ventured to try to make at home, but maybe one day.  But for now I leave it to the professionals.  Bear’s offers Kansas City style BBQ, with ribs, burnt ends, pulled pork and brisket on the menu with two sauce choices, not to mention their beans, mac and cheese and corn bread.  In my quest to expose my toddler to new foods I knew Bear’s was going to be top on my list.  Once he was eating solids we brought home some Bear’s takeout and he couldn’t get enough of the pulled pork and brisket, success!!  Now that he’s older we can bring him to the restaurant so he can see the big smokers, racks of beef and how the meals are prepared.  During our last visit they were in the process of removing the ribs from the smokers and loading them with pork.  My son loved watching all the action and seeing the huge smoker doors open to reveal what was inside.

Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue continues to provide new offerings, my latest favorite is the ice cream from the University of Connecticut Dairy Bar shop, which I try to visit throughout the summer, but now can enjoy at Bears.  Expansion is also continuing, they will soon be opening their largest location yet on Front Street in Hartford and I’m really looking forward to see what is in store at the new location.

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