Road Trip: Kid City Museum and the Ultimate Play Kitchen

I have been visiting the Kid City Museum since my son started walking.  They have a great 2 and younger space called under the sea.  It has vibrant colors and soft surfaces for new walkers.  During my last visit a few months ago I noticed they were renovating the diner section of the museum.  Considering the other newly updated areas, I knew it was going to have some fun updates.  My toddler and I recently returned knowing that the space was complete and my son was about to experience the ultimate play kitchen experience, and the museum did a great job.  There are piles of play fruits, vegetables and bread with baskets to carry around to the diner kitchen or grocery store.  The new two burner oven had an on and off feature that had the burner turn blue and blow air.  My toddler really got a kick out of that feature.  When one visits the museum there are numerous rooms to explore and many are pictured below.  Children can experience a farm setting with play eggs, chickens and an apple farm.  The top floor contains one of the most impressive spaces, which is the “Middleshire” castle area.  This space allows children to pick and plant carrots and corn and use a play bread oven.


Link to Kid City Children’s Museum


Other amazing areas found throughout the museum.  A Farm, Cafe, Countryside and there is so much more.

2 thoughts on “Road Trip: Kid City Museum and the Ultimate Play Kitchen

  1. What a great review! Thanks for the kind words… we work really hard to keep improving the experience at Kidcity. It’s nice to know great parents like you notice all the tweaking we do, and even nicer to know your kid’s do!


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