Mild and Creamy Coffee Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe

Let me put it out there, I love coffee.  So naturally coffee ice cream was destined to be made.  Considering that my toddler would probably be nibbling on this dessert I didn’t want to go extreme on the coffee flavor.  I started researching recipes for inspiration and found this great article all about the coffee ice cream spectrum on Serious Eats. ( The Many Tastes of Coffee Ice Cream )  It’s a great read if you are interested in learning more.  Bottom line, use good quality coffee to yield great coffee ice cream.  For this recipe, I used Blue Bottle Coffee which I have a subscription to.  I wanted to create a mild coffee flavor this round, so I used my french press to make the 2 tablespoons needed for the recipe.  If you are not familiar with using a french press here is a great resource.  (How to Make French Press Coffee)  To add some additional texture and a kid-approved ingredient I chose to add mini chocolate chips, which my toddler gladly poured into the ice cream machine.

Recipe Adapted by: Serious Eats


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