Small Batch: Cinnamon Applesauce Recipe for You and Your Baby

When I was pregnant with my son I knew I wanted to make food for him when he was ready to conquer solids.  I also tried some of the prepackage fruits and vegetables, but he wasn’t a fan and always preferred the freshly made foods.  It was always fun to see him try something new and actually enjoy it.

When I heard Lyman Orchard‘s had early Macintosh apples ready for pick-your-own, I couldn’t get there fast enough.  Now that my son is a toddler he can hold and eat an apple on his own, which is always fun to see.  Not only is pick-your-own a great kid activity, it also educates him on how apples grow on trees and appreciate the hard work that goes in to keep them growing.  With these early Macintosh apples I knew I wanted to make a small batch of applesauce, or puree, for my 11 month old nephew who was going to be visiting soon.  I decided to make the applesauce in two-ways, one for baby; and one for older kids and adults.  The big difference between the two is sugar.  The baby puree has zero sugar and the other has coconut palm sugar.  I chose coconut palm sugar because it has a lower glycemic index than regular table sugar.  Either way the results make for a delicious snack!

Ceramic Peeler Use:  Kyocera Everything Peeler


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