Nantucket Island Feature: Children’s Culinary Classes at the Nantucket Culinary Center

Nantucket has special meaning for our family. My husband started visiting the island with friends when he was in high school and I visited for the first time when we were dating. We got married there and started bringing our children on vacation when they were toddlers. Its always been a fun place to discover and explore with children. This summer we found Nantucket Culinary Center.

The new Nantucket Culinary Center on Nantucket Island is a beehive of culinary activity. It is home to the year-round Corner Table Café, a state of the art test kitchen and two well-appointed classrooms. NCC highlights the island’s local fare and is a place for people of all ages to learn and enjoy the culinary arts. In cooperation with the Nantucket Community School and Sustainable Nantucket, the NCC offers children’s classes including the Farm to Fork program, Latin/Asian Fusion, cooking with fruit and more! Children learn the concepts of nutrition and healthy eating while experiencing the joy of cooking. By far, the best part of each class is sampling and enjoying the fabulous meals together, including “Yummy Soup” where students learn how to toss the metallic packet in Ramen and create healthier versions with broth, noodles, protein, vegetables and spices. Yum!

Nantucket Culinary Center:
22 Federal Street, Nantucket MA 508-228-COOK (2665)



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