A Morning in the Orchard and Afternoon Baking an Apple and Pear Galette

This post is all about having new experiences and trying out a new recipe.  After a recent trip to Lyman Orchards I had a bunch of apples and a few pears.  Picking pears was a new experience for my toddler and I, so we can now check that one off the list.  I wanted to bake something new and I found a recipe for an Apple and Pear Galette.  The recipe called for only two Granny Smith apples and two Bartlett pears so it was a good fit for the few pieces of fruit we actually did pick.  Granny Smith apples were not available yet so I substituted Ginger Gold apples, which worked out well.  You will notice in the below images that I’m using a yellow ruler masking tape when rolling out the pastry dough.  The last time I was rolling out dough my toddler decided to take the ruler and turn it into a toy, so when I saw this tape at Target, I thought it could be a good solution.  It worked, for now!

Do you have a favorite apple and pear dessert?  Leave a comment below

Recipe Adapted From: Food and Wine


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