Virginia Feature: Lulu Makes Crusty Yogurt Baguettes with her Nani

Homemade bread from scratch was a staple in our house when I was growing up. I can remember coming home from school to the comforting scent of Mom’s freshly baked bread, still warm from the oven.

With a few unlikely ingredients like yogurt and honey, Mom’s Crusty Yogurt Baguette is mildly sweet. It is soft on the inside with a golden crust on the outside. And, it’s so much fun to make.

My daughter and I recently got our hands on Mom’s special bread recipe. We also received a personal hands-on lesson in baguette-baking.   My little one had the most fun whisking, kneading, and rolling the dough with her Nani. Then, as a reward for all of that hard work, the best part of course, was tasting the finished product.

I’m so happy to share my Mom’s recipe for her Crusty Yogurt Baguette, made by hand and baked with love. Hope you enjoy!

Recipe from: Kathleen Craighill and Photos by John Craighill


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