A Family Tradition: Prosciutto and Mozzarella Pizza

homemade pizza with kids

Making homemade Pizza is a new family tradition we started a year ago.  It is something we enjoy every month or so and once we started making it from scratch at home, we haven’t turned back to ordering out again.  With a little planning you can be enjoying your own pizza creations with your family too.  Kids love being involved creating their own pizza and my toddler loves mixing the ingredients to make the dough and then pressing the final dough out to make the pizza.  In order to enjoy this pizza on a Friday night I started the process by making the dough Thursday morning (or Wednesday night). Check out my steps below.

Dough Recipe

Step 1The Dough-2
Sauce Recipe Below
Step 2_ The Sauce-2
Step3-Making the pizza



Products Used:
I sourced the proofing buckets at Katom.com
Large Size Link
Small Size Link

We use the Baking Steel but you can use a baking stone if that is what you have.

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