Fall is in the air! Baked Apple Cider Donuts

Fall is my favorite season, especially in New England.  The cooler temperatures, fall foliage and apple cider, to name a few of my favorite things.  It was only a few days into September and my local grocery store already started selling pumpkins and fall decor, so I was inspired to bake some Apple Cider Donuts.  My toddler is a huge fan since my local grocery store provides free samples of apple cider donuts year round.  I knew once fresh apple cider was available, I would tackle apple cider donuts and was happy to find a baked version of the treat.  Another bonus is the use of whole wheat flour.  There are many opportunities for your little kitchen helper to participate in the recipe like pouring, stirring and dipping.

So if you are traveling to your local orchard to pick your own apples, grab some apple cider and make these donuts for the whole family.  Enjoy!

Recipe Adapted from : TheFauxMartha


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