Celebrate with a Cupcake Bar! 1 Cupcake Flavor, 3 Frosting Flavors

To celebrate the end of summer my family had a small cookout with some friends and their adorable 2 year daughter.  I was trying to think of a fun dessert that everyone would enjoy and decided on having a cupcake bar.  I kept it very simple, but there are so many ways to take this concept to the next level.  I chose one flavor of cupcake, vanilla, and three frostings; classic vanilla buttercream, chocolate ganache and a seasonal cinnamon maple whipped cream.  The kids had so much fun using, with some help, the frosting bags and eating their customized creations.  It was an interactive dessert experience that came with laughs and a lot of sugar.

Create your own cupcake bar and share your experience with me! Leave a comment below or send me a message, I would love to hear your story!

Recipe Sources:
Vanilla Cupcakes and Frosting – Live Love and Sugar
Chocolate Ganache – The Welch CupCakery Blog
Cinnamon Maple Whipped Cream Frosting – Beyond Frosting


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