A Family Vacation Favorite: Classic Fluffy Pancakes

Did you know that Monday, September 26th is National Pancake Day?  Well, why not celebrate this weekend by making these delicious pancakes.  About a year ago I started a new family tradition of making pancakes every time we traveled to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  We would visit family, so we would be staying in a home vs a hotel so waking up in the morning and making a big batch of pancakes was a fun way to kick off the weekend.  I have two tips to share with you.  First, before traveling the long distance I would measure out all the dry ingredients and add them to a small ziplock bag.  I do this to save time in the morning and to ensure I have all the ingredients.  Since many times we arrive in Cape Cod at night, I would just need to add milk, eggs and butter in the morning, which would most likely already be in the refrigerator.  The second tip is that I make a batch of bacon on the griddle prior to making the pancakes.  I drain the excess grease and pour the batter right on top the seasoned pan.  This gives the pancakes an amazing salty kick and an slightly crunchy exterior.  I love the texture this provides as well.

Recipe Source: All Recipes


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