Road Trip: A Morning Exploring Boston, MA

Since my toddler was about to start pre-school, I wanted to have one last mid-week adventure so I drove him into Boston to explore and enjoy a few sweet treats.  By the time we arrived we had about two hours before his looming nap time, so we made the most of our time there.  First stop was Tatte Bakery on Charles Street.  I had visited this bakery in the past and love that they use Stumptown Coffee, so my goal was caffeine for me and a sweet treat for him to enjoy in the Boston Garden.  He loved seeing all the ducks (and Make Way for Ducklings statutes) and walking across the bridge.  We found an open bench to enjoy the Tatte morning bun and watch all the ducks moving across the water.  This park holds a lot of memories so I’m happy I can share this great little park with my son.

The weather was overcast, but hot, I mean 95 percent humidity hot.  So after almost an hour enjoying the Boston Garden, we walked through the Boston Common and were on the hunt for ice cream to cool down.  We made our way up Tremont Street, passing Kings Chapel (founded in 1686), and down Court St to show my son the Old State House building (Site where the Declaration of Independence was first read in 1776).  I decided that my best chance of finding ice cream quickly would be to walk to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market (Built in 1742 as a gift to the city).  There we finally found some ice cream and cooled down on the second floor atrium of Quincy Market.  I actually had never been on the second level and loved the old brick and vintage signs, I’m so happy my toddler made the suggestion, or should I say demand.  It was a fun day exploring and showing my son some new things that he probably didn’t fully understand when visiting as a baby.  I have visited Boston many times and long ago lived in a neighboring town.  I added some additional photography from all my years of travel to this city.  A perfect walking city for a morning or day of exploration.

Do you have a favorite city, or town that you hold dear to your heart?  Leave a comment below.


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