A Family Favorite: Roasted Chicken with Lemon, Garlic and Thyme

Once the cooler temperatures arrive in the Northeast, our weekly family menu of meals shifts to cool weather favorites like chili, soups and roasted meats.  This roasted chicken recipe is something I make about once per week.  The costs for a chicken roaster can be relativity inexpensive compared to other cuts of meat and it will feed my family.  I also love that there is minimal prep work and once it’s done roasting in the oven dinner is ready.  Pretty simple. On a side note, the caramelized onions that are made at the bottom of the pan steal the show, they are my favorite part of the meal.  One onion will serve two adults, so if you are an onion fan, you could add an additional onion to the pot.  My toddler loved adding the salt and thyme to the garlic and lemon as well as adding the olive oil and thyme to the onion.  It was the perfect way to get him involved in the process.  He also loves to eat the chicken and actually had three helpings the night I made this.  Success!

What is your go-to weekly family meal? What to be featured on Make & Taste? Leave a comment below.


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