Mini-Whoopie Pies as Halloween Spiders

In preparation for Halloween week on Make & Taste I thought about some classic kid treats.  My inspiration for thesefullsizerender-39 mini-whoopie pies came from two places.  First, my family recently attended a toddler birthday and instead of a cake they had a pile of whoopie pies.  Second, I saw this cute image on Instagram Feed @mamainlalaland.  I knew I wanted to combine the two.  Making the cake from a cake mix made the whole process much easier, but feel free to make your own chocolate cake.  Of course my little kitchen helper loved pouring and mixing the ingredients.  You can control the size of the cake for the whoopie pie you need to make.  I wanted them to be bite size and using a pastry bag helps a lot in making consistent sizes.

Have fun with these!  I would love to see what you create with these whoopie pies.  Comment below.

Recipe Source: Pen & Paper Flowers


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