A Childhood Memory Rediscovered – Spritz Sugar Cookies

It wouldn’t be halloween week without a pumpkin shaped treat.  These spritz pumpkin sugar cookies are a great fall party favor considering the recipe will yield almost 40 cookies.  When eating a spritz cookie I can’t help but remember all of my visits to my Great Aunt Margret’s home as a child.  She lived to be 103 years old and had great pride in the home she lived in for the majority of her life.  Every visit always involved her offering me cookies from a blue cookie tin with white paper liners inside.  I can still remember her little kitchen table I would sit at and ruffle through the paper liners to find the perfect cookie.  It’s funny how food can remind you of a time forgot.

These sugar cookies are a great foundation to any shape spritz cookie.  They are a classic and a great first cookie to make with your cookie press.

Recipe Source: Serious Eats

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