All-Star Cookies From The Make & Taste Archives

The holiday’s are right around the corner and that means COOKIES; oh and don’t forget pies.  I wanted to provide a single post with links to six Make & Taste All-Star Cookies.  There are a lot of different flavors to choose from including gingerbread, almond butter, coconut, oatmeal and pumpkin.  I personally bake the coconut oatmeal cookies twice a week for my family, I can’t keep them in stock!

So many cookies recipes in store for the holidays, so tell me, what cookies will you be baking?  Leave a comment below or become a guest contributor by emailing me at
PumpkinChocolateChipCookies_makeandtastePumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
AlmondButterCookies_makeandtasteAlmond Butter Cookie Recipe
GingerbreadCookies_makeandtasteGingerbread Cookie Recipe
CoconutOatmealCookies_makeandtasteCoconut Oatmeal Cookie Recipe
AnimalCrackerCookies_makeandtasteAnimal Cracker Cookies Recipe
OatmealRaisinCookies_makeandtasteOatmeal Rasin Cookie Recipe

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