A Morning Adventure In New York City

My family and I try to travel down to NYC at least twice per year.  It’s typically a morning adventure to enjoy some good food, walk the city streets between Chelsea and Soho and get our fix of city life.  Our first stop is always Chelsea Market, a city block long indoor food haven consisting of 56 total restaurants, cafes, a wine shop, pop-up stores, etc (store list).  It is also home to general office space and the Food Network.  As you can imagine Chelsea Market is a huge attraction to visitors and locals alike, so we only go early in the morning before the tourist buses pull up and flood the halls.  I love the industrial architecture and authentic brick walls, uneven wood and concrete floors.  Most coffee shops and stores are open early, so we can refresh ourselves with some coffee and sweet treats before walking the city.
Two stores we always find ourselves in are Amy’s Breads and Eleni’s.  Eleni’s has a lot of offerings from cupcakes to decorative cookies.  I have enjoyed both and loved them.  I am always so impressed with the variety of decorative cookies and seasonal options. Elenis_ChelseaMarket_makeandtaste
Amy’s Breads offers cookies, cakes, breakfast sandwiches and of course amazing artisanal bread.  Up until 2012 one could view all the bread being made, formed and placed in the ovens, but after Chelsea Market’s expansion of other stores this attraction is no longer there.  This visit was simply to grab an oatmeal cookie for my toddler and head off for some much needed caffeine.
AmysBread_makeandtasteOnce caffeinated, we set out to walk and observe all the happenings in the city.  Strolling up Bleeker Street, passing by other shops we have enjoyed over the years, like Molly’s Cupcakes.  Our next destination is for early lunch.  Since we know our toddler is going to needs to eat soon with all the walking and activity. Next stop BareBurger!

BareBurger has been our go-to spot for a kid friendly restaurant every time we have come to the city with our toddler.  When crayons and a coloring sheet/kids menu is the first thing placed on the table, you know you can take a deep breath and enjoy a great meal.  BareBurger prides itself on offering organic, sustainable, local and all natural food.  The variety of burger meat options are impressive from bison, elk, wild boar, the list could go on.  I love the mix and match of breads, toppings and sides.  The kids lunch menu offers four options including a burger, chicken fingers, grill cheese and beef hot dog.  The side of vegetable and fruit is also a nice addition as well.  Before leaving I would also recommend trying one of their milkshakes as they are delicious.  The great news is that BareBurger is not exclusive to NYC, they are 28 locations now and for all my friends in Washington D.C. and Chicago you are in luck!  Check out the website and find out more information to plan your visit.

BareBurger_makeandtasteSo many fun food adventures when in New York City.  Every visit my toddler is into something new and is gaining independence.  He loved seeing all the tall buildings, taxi cabs, cement mixers and big trucks.  Venturing out to explore a new or familiar place is always fun, I look forward to our next adventure.


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