A Personal Mini Pumpkin Pie

When you live far from family during the holidays it’s not always possible to travel back for the big family meal.  At one point in my life I lived about 8 hours away by car and traveling back with holiday traffic was not ideal, but that didn’t mean I had to go without some of my favorite parts of a holiday meal.  I wasn’t about to make and consume an entire apple or pumpkin pie, so I started making mini-personal pies instead.  I have continued this tradition to this day and find it helpful when family members have different preferences for which pie they would like to have over the holidays.

My first task was to find smaller pie plates, I found 6″ pie plates that would either feed 2 people or 1 person who wants leftovers.  The second step was the pie dough.  The recipe below will make a ball of dough for one 9″ bottom pie crust or two 6″ bottom pie crusts, so depending on what type of pie you are making consider the need for a top crust or not. Lastly, the filling.  I generally cut recipes in half and I’ve been pretty successful with the outcome.  I have a pumpkin pie recipe below that you can enjoy making or find your favorite pie and make the needed adjustments.

Have you made a personal pie before? If so, what they did you make? Leave a comment below

Great Resource on Blind Baking


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