Thanksgiving Kids Table: Design Inspiration And Resources

If you are hosting a large group for Thanksgiving and will be setting up a kids table, this is the post for you.  I used materials on-hand and only had to buy the items for the “acorn treat” favors.  Using my toddler’s art table, which is 4 feet by 2 feet, I was able to create a place setting for four kids.  This is a simple approach to a fun and festive table that will welcome your guests.

Here is the breakdown.

  1. The paper:  I use the art paper we already had, which was an inexpensive roll from IKEA.  But you could also use the darker brown packing paper found in most packing supply locations or Target
  2. Plates and Silverware:  Based on the age of the children who will be at the table, choose age appropriate plates and silverware.  Since toddlers are the audience for my table, I traced, with pencil, the plastic plates, fork and spoon. (they probably won’t use a knife, which is why it’s not used.  Adjust accordingly)
  3. Leaf Decor:  Leaf rubbing is simple and quick.  I picked leaves outside and tried to vary the size as much as I could, it makes it more interested compared to having all the same size leaves.  This is where you can really get creative with the crayons you use etc.  Note: I traced the place settings first, so I knew where the leaves where not going to go.
  4. Pumpkin and Pinecone Decor:  These super cute mini-pumpkins were perfect for the center of the table.  I have seen these pumpkins on sale now, while stores are moving in holiday supplies.  Using the pumpkins left over from halloween worked for this table.  The pinecones provide a contrast in both texture and color, again the size was perfect for the kids table.
  5. Name Cards:  With heavy stock paper I wrote the names and placed the cards on the pinecones.  Printing from a computer designed name card is another options (see below)
  6. Favor: This is a great way to say Thank You for Thanksgiving.  A simple, low cost, sweet treat that is festive will be appreciated by the guest.  I made Acorn Treats, which went well with my leaf and fall decor.  My how-to steps in creating these sweet treats will be posted on Monday, 11/21/16.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Kids Table: Design Inspiration And Resources

  1. You are so creative, Nicole! This is a great way to revamp the old fashioned “kids” table we grew up using. The little ones can help gather leaves and do the leaf rubbing too. Thanks for the unique ideas.


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