Cookie Swap Contender: Triple Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

I recently made dark chocolate peppermint bark for my sister (link to post) and the flavor combination had me thinking of other items I could bake.  Cookies came to mind, considering all the cookie swaps happening around the holidays.  I discovered that Nestles had a new product containing dark, semi-sweet and white chocolate chips all in one bag, so natural I wanted to give these a try.  These cookies a full of chocolate and peppermint flavor and are easy to mix up and bake.  My toddler loved trying the different types of chocolate and preparing the cookie dough.  Remember to press them down, once you drop the dough ball onto the baking sheet.  These cookie do not spread, so the size you create on the cookie sheet will be pretty close to the actual size after baking.

What is your cookie swap cookie this year? Leave a comment below

Recipe Adapted from: AmysHealthyBaking


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