A Twist On A Family Classic: Fresh Cranberry Buckle Cake

What is Buckle Cake? When I decided to take a family recipe for Blueberry Buckle Cake and substitute fresh cranberries, it had me thinking about “what is buckle cake”?.  In my research I discovered that it’s a common New England dessert that consists of a yellow cake batter with berries, typically blueberries, mixed in.  The streusel topping, once baked, resembled a “buckled” surfaced.  Ok, so now that the mystery is solved lets move on to the delicious part of this post.

Using seasonal foods items is always best and since cranberries are in season, it was a perfect substitute.  It’s also important to note that I am using fresh cranberries so I can use a one-to-one ratio for the recipe.  Definitely look through your cranberries when you are rising with water.  You may need to discard a few before adding to the batter.  Happy Holidays!

Recipe Adapted from : Blueberry Buckle Post

Have you ever made a twist on a family favorite recipe?  Leave a comment below, I would love to hear your story.


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