A Holiday Party Favor: Candy Cane Cookies

Making cookies is always a food adventure with my toddler and these cookies utilized both the food processor and stand mixer, so you know he was happy.  Baking is a great way for toddlers to utilize their fine motor skills as pouring and mixing encourages them to work on hand strength and hand-eye coordination, which will transfer to manipulating a pencil to write in the future.  It’s a full sensory experience considering the different tastes, smells and textures of the ingredients they are working with.  While we were making this recipe he was counting the number of yolks and listing off the names of the ingredients, so there can be numerous learning activities based on the recipe you are making.

The first order of business for this recipe was to have my toddler unwrap 4-5 candy canes and grind them in the food processor.  Grinding the candy canes created a loud noise, luckily he is not too sensitive to noise, but beware if your little kitchen helper is.  The dough is simple to put together, but the key to success is refrigerating for at least 30 minutes.  During that time you can clean up and set up for the second phase which is rolling out and cutting your shapes.  I opted to not frost with royal icing, but these cookies would work nicely with a frosted decoration.  The candy cane flavor is not overpowering and the cookies have a great texture, perfect for both adults and kids.  Make a large batch for your upcoming holiday party!

Do you have a favorite holiday party favor? Leave a comment below

Recipe Source: Art and The Kitchen


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