Homemade Cinnamon Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments (No-Bake)

I love personalized Christmas ornaments, in fact my Christmas tree has become a mini-time capsule.  This is probably why I look forward to decorating the tree because it’s like a walk down memory lane.  Fifteen years ago my dad started making Christmas ornaments for my siblings and I and we always looked forward to seeing what he created.  Over the years the ornament theme was dictated by an event that happened that year, like a wedding, new baby, a new home and even when the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004. (My mom was a die-hard fan)  The first ornament is still my favorite, a hand carved scollop shell (see images below).  So now that my toddler is of an age that he would be interested in creating his own ornament for the tree I knew I had to find something fun.

This no-bake, easy cinnamon dough is quick to make, but once the ornaments are cut out they need to dry for 24 hours before the second phase begins.  Painting.  The original recipe (linked below) make 20 ornaments, which would be great if you are working on the project with many kids, I however adapted the recipe to make 3-4.

The day we made these ornaments we experienced several days of rain, which impacted the drying time.  In one of the images below you see I have sprinkled some kosher salt on top of the ornaments to help the drying process.  My toddler painted the ornaments after 24 hours, but the tree ornament still needed more drying time until it fully cured.

Recipe Adapted from: GrowingAJewledRose.com
Note: Dough is not for consumption


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