Kid Snacks To Have This Holiday Travel Season + Helpful Products For Storing Them

Snacks are an essential part of every successful road trip.  While on an airplane, in a car, or on a train, having containers that are kid friendly and mom approved are key.  This post will provide 10 Snacks and 10 helpful containers.  The first 5 snacks are homemade and many are also allergy friendly.  These snacks also hit the sweet side of the palate. The 5 grab and go snacks are found in most big box stores, grocery markets and rest stops.  They hit the salty side of the palate, which I find my toddler craves when flying.  Of course any fruit you can provide is healthy and entertains them for awhile, which is key while waiting for a flight or dealing with a long car ride.

The containers are both conventional and unconventional.  After talking to several moms I found a few handy options out there that I wanted to share with you.  Here is the breakdown and why they made the list.  Links to products below.

  • The standard Munchkin Cup is probably the most popular snack container I see toddlers use.  A child can hold the cup and put their little hand through the plastic cover to retrieve their snack.
  • The Ball Plastic Freezer Jar is a great unconventional choice because it fits in most cup holders, is easy to hold and the rubber cap is easy to remove by a toddler.
  • The ziploc slider bag is an inexpensive option for a pre-schooler.  They can show their independence when they open and close the bag themselves.
  • How fun is the paper sandwhich bag and sticker?  These bags can hold various size snacks and you can write messages for your little ones.
  • The OXO Tupperware Snap container is easy to open with the four snap closure and won’t spill the contents when locked.
  • The reusable and washable snack bag made from a Georgia shop called Dot and Army is a great reusable option.

Once you have the snacks and containers figured out, how are you carrying all these goodies.  Insulated toddler bags are small enough to store some games and snacks and the two options provided are a great starting point.  So when you hit the road for the holidays next week, consider some of these options for a successful snacking experience.


  1. Granola Bars
  2. Oatmeal Coconut Cookies
  3. Whole Wheat Applesauce Muffins
  4. Animal Cracker Cookies
  5. Banana Bread Muffins

PotteryBarnKids Dino Bag

Munchin Snack Cups
OXO Snap Containers
Ziploc Bags with Slider
Ball Plastic Freezer Jar
Unbleached Paper Sandwich and Snack Bags

STATE Bags Ryder
Reuseable Snack Bag (USA Made)
FOOGO Thermos

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