Guest Feature: Snack Time With Avocado Toast

Out with the old and in with the healthy food. Happy New Year! It’s officially 2017, the year of the Rooster. After celebrating the holidays and filling up on “good cheer,” we enter the New Year with inspiration to start anew. Setting the goal and making the resolution is the easy part. It’s sticking to it that can be tricky.

Like the Rooster, we have to be determined and ingenious when it comes to feeding our kids healthy stuff for the long haul. Parents have been doing this for their kids since the dawn of time, transforming vegetables into trains, turning cutlery into planes. This is our forté, disguising healthy food as treats. But sometimes, even for the cleverest of parents, it’s nice not to have to think so hard!

Every now and then, decadence collides with nutrition. I call this phenomenon, Avocado Toast.   This quick and simple recipe requires no disguise, no clever tricks, no trains or planes. It’s truly as delicious as it is healthy. And in it’s original form, my daughter loves it like she loves vanilla cupcakes. Not bad for the world’s healthiest food.

I was inspired to make Avocado Toast after tasting it at my favorite café-restaurant, Le Pain Quotidien. It’s simple and pure like its’ name, mashed avocado on toast.  The creamy texture with a pinch of citrus and salt, combined with a crunchy slice of toast is perfection. Moreover, this complete meal for the whole family can be prepared in less than 10 minutes. Mashing the avocado and spreading it on the toast provides a fun opportunity to get your children involved.

Cheers to happiness and good health in the New Year!


Product Used:

Hand Juicer

Glass Bowl

Child’s Fork


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