Just Like Mom’s But With A Twist: Homemade Lasagna

Growing up my mom made homemade lasagna and it was hands down my favorite savory dish.  I have never made it for my family and thought it was time to share a dish that holds so many memories for me.  My first step was to look through my mom’s recipe book.   I actually found her recipe, but as you can see in the below picture, much of the ink is worn away.  By the looks of the recipe card you can tell this recipe was made many times over the years.  Although I didn’t have her exact recipe, I knew she did not use a beef and sausage mixture, but wanted to provide that twist to a classic.  I’m so happy I decided to make this dish, the recipe I created worked out great and it will be my new family tradition.  Having my mom’s lasagna pan made the whole experience even better.

Do you add a twist to your Lasagna??  Leave a comment and inspire others




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