Three Moms Review: Scratch & Grain Baking Kits

It seems like every week I’m taking a shopping trip to Target to pick up baking supplies.  A few weeks ago I noticed a product called Scratch & Grain in the baking mix section.  This product caught my eye because it wasn’t like the other boxes on the shelf.  The boxes had a unique front display of all the individually wrapped ingredients inside. In full disclosure, I reached out to the company and expressed my interest in the product.  They generously sent me three baking kits.  I didn’t want this review to be one sided.  So, I reached out to two other mom’s and had them each test out a kit to get their opinions as well.  Call it my mini focus group.

Nicole’s Review – Gluten-Free Honey Cornbread

My toddler and I had a blast making the Gluten-Free Honey Cornbread.  Considering how much he enjoys the cornbread from our local BBQ restaurant, I knew he would love to have a homemade version.  The option to make honey butter with the provided honey granules was an added bonus.  I also enjoyed that he could practice his fine motor skills by cutting each packet open, pouring and mixing.  The cornbread was a hit!  It was flavorful, had great texture, and came out perfectly moist.  This was the first recipe I have made with my toddler that was completed prior to the oven reaching the preheat temperature.  Success!

These baking kits take the measuring off of your to-do list, plus there’s no need to buy special flours or sugars, everything is already in the box and pre-measured in individual packets ready to use.  When baking with kids, having this organization is key and the number identification not only makes baking with your little kitchen helper faster, it provides a great learning tool as well.  They can following along with the recipe, call out the needed number and learn about new ingredients.

The products can be found in Target and on the company website Scratch & Grain

Jill’s Review- Cheesecake Brownie Kit

So many moms find the idea of baking with their toddlers daunting. I think it’s the measuring and the washing of the million measuring utensils and the making sure they have enough of each ingredient because–God help them–they are not going back to the store because there isn’t enough flour in the pantry!

This kit was perfect for those moms who may need a little push to get baking with their kiddos. The ingredients are measured out perfectly. No fancy kitchen utensils needed, just the staple mixing bowls and wooden spoon. And it was quick and easy to put together. A win in the mom playbook! I will definitely be using one of these again!


Beth’s Review – Chocolate Chip Cookies

For many of us, chocolate chip cookies are one of the first introductions we get to making food in a kitchen. Mom, Dad or Grandma teaching us how to measure the ingredients, sneaking chocolate chips and finger scoops of dough, licking bowls and mixing spoons, and watching impatiently through the oven glass while they flatten and brown.

I’ve tried to make cookies with my girls quite a few times, only to realize halfway through that our brown sugar has turned into sweet concrete, or we are missing a key ingredient like vanilla.

This kit combines all of the ingredients in one place, with the exception of the butter and eggs. There is no measuring, very little dirty dishes (yay!) and produces delicious results. It was fun reading the directions with my oldest and lining up the different ingredients by number. Win win experience all around with a reward of deliciousness at the end.


So if you have been thinking about baking with your kids or even crunched for time before heading to your child’s event, these baking kits are a perfect solution.  The pre-measured and packaged, all-natural and organic ingredients save you both time and frustration.  Baking with kids, even little kids, can be a bit messy, but they love being with you and experiencing new things, so it’s worth giving it a try.  If anything, you will end your food adventure with a delicious treat.

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