Easy After School Snack: Homemade Popcorn

homemade popcorn

Do you have a favorite snack from your childhood?  Or a snack that every time you see it in the store or smell a certain food it transports you back?  I have many, like Fudgsicles, Devil Dogs and Entenmann’s cookies.  One snack that really brings back a lot of memories was our after school bowl of homemade popcorn.  I vividly remember coming home from school as a kid and seeing bowls of homemade popcorn waiting on the kitchen table for myself and my siblings.  Of course I would sprinkle a load of butter salt on my bowl of popcorn, but I’m still thankful that my parents provided such a great snack for us.

Today there are so many gourmet salt options on the market.  Case in point, the SaltWork website sells 23 gourmet flavored salts like black truffle, chipotle and even espresso salt.  There is also a variety of choices when it comes to popcorn kernels too. The Amish Country Popcorn site sells 13 different kernels ranging from your classic white to rainbow.  Things have certainly changed over the years.  If you are interested in taking your classic homemade popcorn to gourmet level, check out this list of 50 recipes to top your popcorn which was curated by the Food Network.

I knew my toddler would enjoy hearing all the popcorn popping in the pan and also help sprinkle salt as a finishing touch.  This snack is not only tasty, but it’s cost effective too and every parent will enjoy that added benefit.

What is your favorite popcorn topping? Leave a comment below

Resource on How To Pop Perfect Popcorn

Homemade Popcorn
Homemade Popcorn

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