Fresh Raspberry Scones

Fresh Raspberry Scones

With Spring finally arriving and flowers blooming everywhere I was excited to finally bake with berries.  Scones are great for a brunch, small gathering of friends, or a parents gathering at school.  I found myself in need of a tasty morning treat that most would enjoy for a morning school meeting.  Not knowing your entire audience likes or dislikes, a scone seemed to be a good choice among all the bagels, breads and donuts.  This recipe could easily be made into larger size scones, but I cut the dough into small squares (16 of them) due to my audience.  The fresh raspberry scones were simple to mix up.  All that was needed was the food processor to mix up the dough.  I can imagine using this dough for so many future scone recipes.

Once the dough was turned out and shaped it was a simple matter of incorporating the fresh raspberries, cutting the scones and sprinkling the tops with sugar.  As seen in the video below my little kitchen helper did most of the dough mixing with the food processor and I jumped in to finish adding raspberries and preparing them for the oven.  The scones provide a great punch of fresh raspberry flavor and dough that is airy with layers of texture.  Give this one a try for your next gathering, everyone will love it!

Recipe Source: Martha Stewart

Fresh Raspberry Scones
Fresh Raspberry Scones


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