Small Batch Gluten Free Stovetop Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese is a classic meal for kids and adults alike. I wanted to take this classic recipe and add a few healthier ingredients. As a parent you are constantly thinking about what you should feed your child and whether they getting all of the nutrients they need. Kids keep us on our toes and are constantly changing what they like and don’t like. I always remember a piece of advice my friend Cailin gave me before my son was born.  She said “everything is a phase,” which is so true, even beyond food. My little nephew Jack has been enjoying Mac & Cheese lately and my sister wanted a homemade recipe to try with Jack so he could enjoy real ingredients compared to the prepackaged product that he loves.

There are so many homemade versions of Mac & Cheese out there. Some baked, some stovetop, with squash, cauliflower, no pasta, the list could go on. The most popular healthy twist is using butternut squash, but I decided to keep the recipe classic, while adding some healthier options.

I chose to use the stovetop method because it was close to what little Jack was already eating and I thought a baked version would provide too much texture for his young palate. I also wanted to the steps to be as simple as possible so boil, mix, melt and serve was the best way to go. I opted for a small elbow pasta for his little hands to hold. The pasta happened to be gluten free which can be a great option for kids or adults who are sensitive or allergic to gluten. I found some organic American sharp cheddar cheese, already pre-shredded, which is a time saver for mom. The evaporated milk was also low-fat. The calcium found in milk and cheese is great for his growing body, so I did not want to eliminate that. Putting these ingredients together was so simple. Follow the recipe below and this Mac & Cheese is guaranteed to make your kids (or adults) happy.

How do you put a twist on Mac & Cheese?  Leave a comment below

Small Batch Gluten Free Stovetop Mac & Cheese
Small Batch Gluten Free Stovetop Mac & Cheese
Small Batch Gluten Free Stovetop Mac & Cheese
Small Batch Gluten Free Stovetop Mac & Cheese

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