Dinner Time: Homemade Fried Fish Tacos

Homemade Fried Fish Tacos

Growing up I spent most of my summers on Cape Cod, MA and enjoyed so many the coastal foods available, like chowder and fresh fish.  I remember when my dad traded in the sailboat for a motorboat and all the fun we had fishing in the bay.  We didn’t have the best record at catching a lot of edible fish, some days sand sharks seem to be the only fish biting, but we had fun regardless.  Seafood is a way of life in New England, especially on Cape Cod and I’m happy I can still enjoy all it has to offer 30+ years later.

I’m always looking to make meals that have a connection with my childhood so my little kitchen helper can experience the cuisine, an ingredient or family tradition.  Although tacos were not part of my childhood, they are certainly an indulgent treat for me as an adult.  With summer around the corner, I decided that homemade fried fish tacos would make a great family tradition.

My little kitchen helper loved the crispy texture of the fried cod, so I was thrilled.  Other delicate white fish with mild to medium flavor like halibut, haddock, or sole also work well with the beer batter so you should be able to find a good option at your local fish market or grocery store.  I wanted to dress our tacos with some simple homemade coleslaw and tarter sauce, but there are so many combinations of ingredients that you can use when making fish tacos.  Hot sauce, salsa, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, pickled vegetables, the list could go on.  So get creative and have fun with this recipe.

Recipe Source: The Food Lab

Homemade Fried Fish Tacos

Homemade Fried Fish Tacos
Homemade Fried Fish Tacos
Homemade Fried Fish Tacos
Homemade Fried Fish Tacos

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