Let’s Celebrate: S’mores Ice Cream Popsicles

Today marks my 1 year blogiversary and I’m so grateful for every guest contributor and reader for keeping me motivated and creating an amazing Make & Taste community.  I wanted to make something over-the-top for such a milestone and these S’more Ice Cream Popsicles were it.  The title doesn’t even do these popsicles justice.  We are talking about homemade toasted marshmallow ice cream with graham crackers folded in, formed into popsicles, then dipped into chocolate shell and dusted with graham cracker crumbs.  Now that is how you celebrate.

I wish I could make one for each person that has, and continues to cheer me on and tells their friends about Make & Taste because I am so thankful for all of your support.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing over 10 families in their kitchens and shared their passion with baking and cooking with their little kitchen helpers on the blog.  Everyone that is part of this community truly believes in instilling the confidence and awareness of real food to the young children in their lives.  It could be a grandparent, aunt, uncle, you name it.  All those who pass on family traditions, recipes and patience in the kitchen to foster a powerful learning environment means so much and is why I created Make & Taste.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has made a recipe featured on Make & Taste, I love seeing the images you share on Instagram (IG: @makeandtaste) and look forward in seeing what you are making next with your little kitchen helper.

Recipe adapted from: Scoop Adventures

S'mores Ice Cream Popsicles
S'mores Ice Cream Popsicles
S'mores Ice Cream Popsicles
Products Used

Zoku Classic Pops
Ice Cream Machine
Glass Bowls
Small Baking Sheet

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