Summer Lunchbox Ideas For Little Kids

Packing a lunch for a child under 5 can be a challenge, especially if your child is a picky eater or is in a phase of only eating one food group. My son was attending his first summer camp I had to pack him a lunch for the first time.  He’s a good eater, if he’s in the mood, so I worried if he was going to eat all the food I packed for him or wanted something a friend was eating. Yes, we worry and that’s ok, because we care.  My approach was to collect some of my son’s favorite items and try to balance sweet and salty along with vegetables, fruit and protein. I often ask my friends what they were packing for lunch in order to find new items to include.

Packing what you know they will eat and testing different items along the way worked best for me.  Everything is a phase, right? Hopefully the ideas pictured below is a good starting point. The camp he was attended was a peanut and tree nut free campus so that eliminated some of his food options.  On Thursday I will be posting a recipe for a no-bake, nut-free banana and chocolate chip bite.  This item is featured in the first image here and is another way to be creative with lunch options.

What lunchbox challenges do you face? Leave a comment below

Lunchbox ideas for little kids
Lunchbox ideas for little kids
Lunchbox ideas for little kids

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