Guest Feature: Mini Raspberry Pop Tarts

The summer of ‘17 is in full swing, and my little girl and I have the freedom to choose our morning and afternoon activities. “J’ai la pêche,” is a popular expression in French that indicates a particular gusto. It translates, “I have the peach or I’m feeling peachy! ” It’s a zest for what’s to come. There is no rush, but instead, an unlimited amount of time to enjoy oneself. As a teacher, it’s the summertime that makes me feel this way, full of peaches. Moreover, summer offers us a moment to stop and pick the peaches, or in our case, the raspberries. So, instead of peaches, I guess you could say, “j’ai la framboise!”

Inspired by our summer freedom and fresh “framboises,” my daughter and I set out to find the perfect berries to turn into jam. Then, with a rolling pin and cookie cutter, we shaped pastry dough into thin circles, onto which we spooned the jam. 15 minutes at 450 degrees in the oven, and voilà: baked and buttery jammy tartelettes, or Mini Pop Tarts from scratch.

Mini Raspberry Pop Tarts, so simple and delicious, are half craft, half treat. They present an edible incentive, thus, the ideal activity to keep little mischief makers busy and engaged on a hot summer day. With a garnish of rainbow sprinkles, our pop tarts embody all of the peachy, raspberry feels of summer. And just like the sunny season, they render us literally and figuratively, “full of raspberries.”

So venture out while it’s still hot. Hopefully this summer you’ll find a moment to stop and pick the raspberries too. Fall is just around the corner, when before we know it, all the peaches, raspberries, and teachers will turn back into pumpkins.

Bon été et bon appétit!

Mini Raspberry Pop Tarts
Mini Raspberry Pop Tarts
Mini Raspberry Pop Tarts
Mini Raspberry Pop Tarts
Mini Raspberry Pop Tarts

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