Helpful Tip: School Lunch Organization For The Kitchen

Your kitchen helpers will be heading back to school and if you are like me, I try to prepare as much as possible. This year my helper will be enjoying lunch with his classmates so I wanted to make sure some of his snacks were organized and easy to grab and go in the morning. I love to use clear stackable shoe containers to organize so many things in my home, toiletries, small camera accessories, office and art supplies. It’s important to have the boxes clear, so you can see the contents and you are not wasting time trying to locate an item. The stackable feature is ideal since it maximizes the internal height of a cabinet, thus providing you with more storage. Lastly, the drawer design is easy to open for both you and your child. So of course they were the first solution I thought of when it came to organizing all the mini snack bags for school lunch.  The bags used for the individual snacks are “snack” size ziploc bags, they fit perfectly in the drawer and your kitchen helper will love to fill each bag and drawers.

Have a tip to share? Leave a comment below so we can all be inspired by your organizational tip.

Lunchbox Organization
Lunchbox Organization
Lunchbox Organization

Product Used:

Clear Stackable Small Shoe Boxes

Snack size Ziploc Bags

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