Baking Bucket List: Small Batch Croissants

Homemade Croissants from scratch, sounds intimidating? I thought so too, but still it has been on my baking bucket list for the longest time. When I discovered a small batch croissant recipe on the blog Desserts For Two, I bookmarked for some future day where I would take the leap.

My kitchen helper always enjoys a butter croissant as a treat when we visit local coffee shops. A few weeks ago, as he was enjoying one of these croissants, he mentioned that we should make some at home. Knowing that it would take several days to enjoy a homemade variety, I held off from starting the process to see if he really wanted to take on such process. After a solid week of daily homemade croissant request, I explained what would be involved and he was in.  I guess if the end result was a homemade croissant, he was going to agree to anything.

Below I outline our daily process and what to expect when taking on this baking challenge.  For the full recipe please visit the Dessert For Two site.  She provides the ingredient list you will need to follow. Note: when you are cutting the dough on the last day, the Dessert For Two calls for 4 good size croissants, however I cut 6 croissants, some smaller for my kitchen helper to enjoy.

Are you ready to get started? Take on this challenge and bring out your inner Julia Child. If I can be successful with my kitchen helper, you can too.

Recipe from Desserts For Two

Small Batch Croissants
Small Batch Croissants
Small Batch Croissants
Small Batch Croissants
Small Batch Croissants
Small Batch Croissants

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