Guest Feature: California Campfire Pizza

If you’ve been following our family through Make & Taste at all, you know we are avid campers and most of my contributions revolve around camping. This one has camping written all over it!

We love pizza, but generally, you don’t associate pizza with camping. But, we managed to have a family favorite in the great outdoors! We found the idea here – The Sits Girls Campfire Pizza and have been having fun with it for the last several camping adventures. You can literally put whatever you want on them! The kids love it because they can make their own and eat them like sandwiches…which is super silly to them! Adults love them because they are self contained and super easy.

There is only one tricky part – the grilling. Be sure to flip often while they are grilling. If you leave them too long on one side, they will start to burn and the tin foil will stick to the bread. They do take about 20 minutes to grill, but they are SO WORTH IT!
The main ingredient is the french bread rolls, but you can add whatever else you’d like to top your pizzas with. You could even do this on your backyard BBQ!

Get to grilling…those pizzas!

California Campfire Pizza
California Campfire Pizza
California Campfire Pizza

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