Not My Mom’s Cranberry Bread, It’s Even Better (+ Video)

Classic Cranberry Bread

Thanksgiving is one week away and before you know it the year will be coming to a close.  So many memories made and more to follow.  During the holidays I try to make new traditions with my kitchen helper so he can look back on his childhood with fun and delicious memories.  There are so many aspects of Thanksgiving dinner that I recall as a child.  I was the youngest of three and always had the job of polishing the silver days in advanced.  I would also help my mom with the baking, apple pie and cranberry nut bread.  Her pies, side dishes and turkey were labored over all day, so naturally she had to make some short cuts with a prepackaged cranberry nut bread mix.  I don’t blame her considering she was managing three kids and cooking up a feast while my dad was on a long trek to pick up a great Aunt through various degrees of inclement New England weather.

For my sister and I the Thanksgiving cranberry bread is synonymous with our older brother.  He, to this day, loves that boxed mix.  I honestly haven’t had cranberry bread since our last Thanksgiving family meal before everyone moved away from home and started their own families.  I wanted to try my hand at a scratch made version of cranberry bread.  Since my kitchen helper would be my audience, I did not add nuts to the recipe.  I have to say that the smell of the bread baking transported me back to my childhood home on Thanksgiving.  It’s amazing to think of how a simple smell can trigger such memories.  All the more reason to continue making new traditions and celebrating old family favorites.  Enjoy your upcoming Thanksgiving and add this homemade cranberry bread to your table.

Recipe Source: Crunchy Creamy Sweet

Classic Cranberry Bread
Classic Cranberry Bread
Classic Cranberry BreadVideo

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