These Cute Baked Snowman Powdered Donuts Will Have You Wishing For Snow

baked powered donuts

With Thanksgiving just days away it’s not surprising to see Christmas trees and decorations already out and ready to transform our homes for the holidays. These cute snowman donuts are baked and couldn’t be easier to make. I used my new Get It Right (GIR) whisk to quickly mix up the batter and after 5-7 minutes of baking it was time to remove them from the oven and cool. This small batch recipe is for a classic powdered donut, so alone these are amazing, but turning them into little snowman creates a festive treat for the holiday season. Your kitchen helper will love to pour, mix and fill each donut well and will only have to wait a short time before devouring one. My kitchen helper has requested these donuts again since making them so I consider them kid approved. Fill a bag with powdered sugar, shake, cover and stuff them with mini-chocolate chips. Happy Holidays!

Tip: Using a mini-donut pan will create a more traditional size powdered donut and the peanut m&m candy will sit firmly into the donut.

What festive holiday treats do you make with your kitchen helpers? Leave a comment below

Learn more about the GIR brand new Whisk over on their Kickstarter Page.

Recipe Adapted From: Food 52 Classic Powdered Donuts

Baked Snowman Powdered Donuts
Baked Snowman Powdered Donuts
Baked Snowman Powdered Donuts

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