Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Baking With Your Little Kitchen Helper

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I have picked up many tips and tricks during the past three years while working with my little kitchen helper. The thought of baking can be daunting to many people, so sometimes adding in a toddler to the mix just doesn’t seem possible. You don’t need to be an expert baker to have success when baking with your kitchen helper.  All you need is some confidence, determination and organization. These are some of the tools I use on a regular basis and I hope you find them helpful as well.

Silicone and plastic tools are your friends in the kitchen when little kitchen helpers are involved. I use my OXO Liquid Measuring cup for more than just measuring liquid. The cup has a great pouring spout and easy grip handle to help little hands pour any ingredient into a bowl accurately. The Get It Right brand mini silicone spatula and spoon are easy to handle once your kitchen helper is ready to stir and mix ingredients.  As a bonus they are extremely easy to clean.

A 13″ quality rolling pin will last a lifetime and is useful for both kids and adults. If you have a small amount of dough and/or a child who wants to show their independence. My Vermont Rolling Pin has been my go-to tool to get the job done. (It’s worth the investment)

Who doesn’t love animal cracker cookies. One of the first baking adventures my kitchen helper and I tackled was baking our own homemade animal cracker cookies and these cookie cutters made fun, realistic animal shapes even better than the original box variety. Use these cookies cutters on any cookie dough you choose too.

When you start baking with your little kitchen helper, having them handle measuring cups and spoons can prove to be messy and add more stress to the kitchen environment. As they get older and increase their fine motor skills you can incorporate them, but in the meantime, using small pinch bowls are the best solution. When you pre-measure all your ingredients prior to baking, utilize these pinch bowls. Once you are ready to bake, your kitchen helper will be ready to handle each ingredient and pour them on their own. They will be so proud and at the same time build up their fine motor skill strength.

Enjoy all these tips and remember that they are learning too, just as you are learning with them. It might take longer to get to the finished tray of cookies, but try to have some fun along the way!


Kitchen Helper Stocking StuffersAnimal Cookie Cutters


 Stainless Steel Pinch Bowls with Lids

Silicone Pinch Bowls (for those 2 years old+) (slightly smaller than the steel option)

Kitchen Helper Stocking Stuffers

OXO Liquid Measuring Cup
OXO Liquid Measuring Cups (mini,medium and large)

Kitchen Helper Stocking Stuffers

Silicone Spatula
GIR Mini Spatula in Red
GIR Mini Spoon
Kitchen Helper Stocking StuffersVermont Rolling Pin 13″

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