Homemade Skillet Brown Butter Cornbread

Homemade Skillet Brown Butter Cornbread

Cold winter days are made for warm brown butter cornbread. My kitchen helper happens to love cornbread with honey butter from a local BBQ restaurant, so I knew once I owned a cast iron skillet baking cornbread was on the top of the list. This recipe is simple and delicious. The most important part of the is preheating your cast iron pan to create an amazing crust at the bottom of the cornbread. Your kitchen helper will love to pour all the dry and wet ingredients together and will repeatedly ask you “is the cornbread ready” during the 20-25 minute bake time.

Enjoy this cornbread as is with some honey butter, a bowl of chili or BBQ. This will quickly become a new family favorite.

Recipe Source: Serious Eats

Skillet Cornbread
Skillet Cornbread
Skillet Cornbread

Product Used:

Stargazer Cast Iron Skillet: USA Made

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