Your Guide To Homemade Pasta With Kids (+ Videos)

Homemade Pasta With Kids

Making homemade pasta with kids is possible. You just have to know your child and what they are capable of. When Homemade Pastamy kitchen helper was 2.5-3 years old he wanted to make the dough, be part of turning the pasta machine (only a few turns) and eat as much pasta as possible. At 4, he wants to run the show, but with moms gentle guidance. We started making pasta the most traditional way, with a well of flour on the table, adding eggs to the center and mixing until the dough forms. ( Original Pasta Post link ) Boy did my kitchen helper’s eyes light up when he saw me pour a mound of flour directly onto the table. Over time he became more comfortable with cracking the eggs himself and gradually incorporating the flour.

Today’s post provides both a new recipe and method. The advantage of using a mixer vs the mound of flour on the table is simply less kneading. Either way will result in great pasta, but for this post I wanted to provide an alternative method. Second, the recipe. The original post used OO Flour and more eggs for a true Egg Pasta. Yum! The below recipe uses Semolina Flour and half the amount of eggs. When we first gave this recipe a try we were blown away how buttery soft and tender the pasta turned out.  It was the best pasta we have ever made.

I created two videos, Part 1: The Dough and Part 2: Cutting The Pasta.  This recipe will yield 1.5 lbs of pasta which can be made into fettuccine or raviolis. Another great feature is that you can freeze freshly cut pasta and store in your freezer for up to 3 months. So the next time your kitchen helper asks for raviolis or pasta, you have the homemade fresh pasta waiting in your freezer.

So who’s ready to take on this challenge? Leave a comment or question below.

Pasta Recipe: Genius Kitchen


Homemade Pasta with kids

Homemade Pasta: Part 1 Video

Homemade Pasta with kids
Homemade Pasta with kids

Homemade Pasta: Part 2 Video

Homemade Pasta with kids
Homemade Pasta Guide

Products Used:

Pasta Machine

Ravioli Maker

Pasta Cutter


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