S’mores Dipped Vanilla Bean Marshmallows

S’mores Dipped Vanilla Bean Marshmallows are a special treat to enjoy with the whole family, so break out the candy thermometer and vanilla beans, this one is worth making. I have always associated S’mores with summer, but it’s a flavor that can be enjoyed all year long. Ever since I started making homemade vanilla bean marshmallows last year, it’s hard to go back to the prepackaged option.

This recipe makes a small batch of large marshmallows (using a loaf pan) or a few dozen using a shallower pan (I have used a quarter baking sheet or 8×8 pan). The versatility of the recipe allows you to be creative while enjoying a delicious sweet treat. I have mentioned this in my original marshmallow post, have all the ingredients and equipment prepared before you start, this recipe moves quickly and once the sugar hits the right temperature you need to act fast.

Kitchen helpers can help with pouring ingredients but most kitchen helpers will love sprinkling powdered sugar on the work surface and cutting out the desired shape. Cookie cutters work great, especially the shallow pan version, just dip the cutters in powdered sugar each time you plan to use it.

homemade marshmallow

S'mores Dipped Vanilla Bean Marshmallows
S'mores Dipped Vanilla Bean Marshmallows

Products Used:

CDN Candy/Fry Thermometer

Red Silicone Spatula

Glass Bowl


Stainless Steel Bowl

Measuring Cups

Measuring Spoons

Sauce Pot

Loaf Pan

9×9 square Pan

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