How To Grow Vegetables With Your Kids: Part 1

A Beginner Vegetable Garden

My kitchen helper was recently learning about gardening in pre-school and was really interested in making his own garden. Directly after picking him up from school we traveled to a local garden center to see what was available. Last year we tried to grow carrots, however that did not yield a harvest. I purchased bags of soil, containers and gardening equipment, but we had to discard our carrot garden after a month due to mold. This time around I wanted to look for the soil pods, which provides enough soil for 2-3 seeds each.  The indoor trays provided in the kit are designed for the novice gardener and a young child wanting to learn. A key component to the kit is the clear plastic cover which provides a green-house effect to help develop the seedlings.  I found this kit at my local big box garden center. This was the medium size, so if you needed something smaller or larger, you are in luck. It’s probably best that I don’t have a large outdoor garden yet, because these mini-garden sessions with my kitchen helper provide valuable learning lessons on a less costly scale.

If you would like to join in on the fun, start an indoor garden with your kitchen helper. We chose cherry tomatoes, but herbs or lettuce would be great options too.  So who’s in? Leave a comment below and post any progress photos on Instagram #makeandtaste and #theprekkitchen


Find out WHAT to grow and WHEN for your state climate link

A Beginner Vegetable Garden
A Beginner Vegetable Garden
A Beginner Vegetable Garden
A Beginner Vegetable Garden

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