How To Make English Muffins On Your Stovetop

Over the past few years I have been working on baking various types of breads. Recipes that called for a starter, cold fermentation, various kneading cycles, ceramic heavy bottom pots, the list could go on. My bread making success is still a work in progress but I haven’t lost hope yet. English muffins are definitely a breakfast treat I enjoy every so often and they transport me back to my childhood breakfast table. After receiving the latest issue of Baked From Scratch magazine I poured over the section on making homemade english muffins. This was it!! This was the recipe I was going to try to keep my bread baking challenge going. On a side note, my oven is currently not working properly, so I liked that I could make the english muffins on the stovetop and not bother with the oven.

The recipe was simple to follow and all I had to purchase were the english muffin rings. Knowing that if it was successful I would be making these more often, I was ok investing in more kitchen equipment. My kitchen helper enjoyed cutting the large dough ball into the eight dough sections and rolling them into balls. A perfect way for them to get involved and work on those fine motor skills. Overall the english muffins were a success and made amazing breakfast sandwiches. I’m looking forward to making these again and refine my bread making skills. Check out the recipe on the Baked from Scratch website and don’t forget to review their visual guide as well. Who’s ready for breakfast?

Recipe: Traditional English Muffins from Baked From Scratch
Bonus: The Baked From Scratch Visual Guide to english muffins

Stovetop English Muffins

english muffins
Stovetop English Muffins
Stovetop English Muffins
Stovetop English Muffins

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