How To Grow Vegetables With Your Kids: Part 2

Beginner Vegetable Garden With Kids Part 2

My beginner vegetable garden adventure continues with part 2, which covers transplanting my strongest seedlings into larger pot and deeper soil. Making it to this stage is already a success compared to last years challenges with our carrots so and my kitchen helper and I are very hopeful that our tomato seedlings will prosper. During the Part 1 post my kitchen helper and I walked through the set up of soil pods and sowing the seeds. We were both so excited when we saw cute little leaves pop through the soil just 4 days after planting the seeds.  We continued to water the pods once they were dry on top and set the plants in a sunny spot for a few hours a day. After about 4 weeks I began to notice the plants were “leggy” (image below, plant on the right), which refers to the plant being very tall and will not be strong in the long run. Luckily my friend Liz was visiting and I could ask for her expertise.

It was decided to buy larger pots and transfer the 6 best looking seedings into them. When you “transplant” the seedlings, meaning to remove them and their roots and place them into new soil, you will stress the seedlings and they may not survive. We decided to purchase 4″ square biodegradable CowPots so we could transfer the entire soil pod into the new pot without stressing the seedlings too much. Liz and I got our little helpers together to assist in this process. They loved scooping the soil to fill each pot, picking up the soil pod seedlings and pouring the water. It was great seeing them work together and creating these memories. Here are the Beginner Vegetable Garden Part 2 Steps.

  1. Add a few inches of soil to the bottom of the new CowPots, soak with water. Note: When you place your soil pod into the new CowPot you want the pod to be BELOW the top level to the new pot. This will help address the “leggy” issue.  (I placed the clear tray that came with the soil pods in Part 1 underneath to catch the water)
  2. Choose the 6 best looking single or double seedlings. Place the entire pod and place it on top of the wet soil.
  3. Pour additional soil around the pods and on top (look at images below) Once the pods are covered over, add water and return to it’s indoor location. The next day, if the soil has settled down too much, add some additional soil.
  4. Move the plants into the sun for a few hours a day, continue to water and watch them thrive.
  5. I plan to transfer these pots outside around mother’s day.


Still not sure what to plant and when? Check out this Planting Schedule for the USA and find out the best time for your location

Have you started your beginner vegetable garden? I would love to see your progress and hear what you are growing this season. Leave a comment below!

Beginner Vegetable Garden With Kids Part 2
Beginner Vegetable Garden With Kids Part 2
Beginner Vegetable Garden With Kids Part 2


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